Happy New Year - Showroom Open!

We’ve made a few changes to keep our staff and customers safe;  Please have a read before you visit. 

  • We’ve only reopened a small amount of the warehouse to the public - if you need a product that isn’t in the public area please ask a member of staff to get it for you. 
  • Maximum of 4 customers inside at any time
  • Please respect personal space by maintaining good social distance, and folllowing the signage.
  • Please wear a face covering inside the building
  • Please wash/sanitise your hands on entry 
  • You can make use of the sanitising station for hands and if you want to wipe your basket down.
  • Please pay using contactless where this is available to you (up to £45)
  • We’ll be opening at 09:30am to give us additional time to clean. 

Collection Service

Collection service still available for trade and bulk orders only.  Please see below on how to make an order

Trade orders should be sent to sales@highlandwholefoods.co.uk
Bulk (non-trade) orders should be sent to showroom@highlandwholefoods.co.uk

Delivered orders should be sent to sales@highlandwholefoods.co.uk

Delivered Orders

Our delivery service is still operating as ususal.  Orders over £200 are delivered free.  

Making an Order

Trade and Delivered Orders should be made via email to sales@highlandwholefoods.co.uk, bulk (non-trade) orders should be sent to showroom@highlandwholefoods.co.uk

Orders should include;

  • Your contact details
  • You account number if known
  • Is the order for delivery or collection?
  • Are you willing to accept substitutions?
  • Product Codes and quantity as below
Product Code Brief Desctription Size Quantity
19193 Eggs 1/2 Doz 2 boxes
12789  Chopped Tomatoes 400g 6 tins















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